Jumping from Blogger to Wordpress

This will be my last post on "The Root." I have created a new blog at www.beausams.com, and until I can afford to have this site link to my new one, I'm asking you to make that easy click on over. Don't worry, BeauSams.com contains the same astute analysis of just about everything under the sun. (I'm joking about the astute part.) Thanks for reading.




Watching 24 for the First Time

As a 24 noob, I have to say that I've been impressed with the first four episodes. The pace is frenetic, if a bit implausible, and the balance of tension within each episode is fantastic. The season one DVD is nice to have because I find myself wanting to see what's next constantly.

The only show I'm hooked on at the moment is Lost, and I definitely have room for some Jack Bauer in my diet. I think, though, that I'll try to catch up with the show, now in season seven, by rental first. I can tell already that this is going to be an enjoyable ride.

Democrats and the "GWOT"

FOX News reports that Democrats are fighting their Global War on Terminology again, attempting to strike "Global War on Terror" and "long war" from defense reports:

Erin Conaton, the committee's staff director, sent out the 15-page memo titled "Style Guide for Defense Authorization Report."

"When referencing military operations throughout the world, please be as specific as possible. Please avoid using colloquialisms such as, 'the war on terrorism, or the 'Long War' Please do not use the term 'global war on terrorism,' " according to the memo.


Rainbow Six, Vegas Style

I admit I'm a little behind the curve when it comes to console video games, but I have recently been playing Rainbow Six: Vegas, and it really rocks. Having played Gears of War prior to this, I was familiar with the run, duck, and fire from cover game mechanics. What I wasn't expecting was the impressive amount of visceral fun Rainbow Six offers. While chasing terrorists through Mexico and into Vegas, you get to blow up pretty much anything that stands between you and them. Spraying a burst of gunfire through a casino's glass windows while a bad guy hides behind an escalator shouldn't be this much fun, but it is. Heck, sometimes I don't even know where the bad guys are, so I just fire randomly across the room, which is surprisingly rewarding.

The storyline leaves a lot to be desired, but part of my confusion comes from not being able to hear the important conversations before and during missions. I'm not sure if my television is to blame or if the dialogue is rather muted. Regardless, I tend to play games like this using Tuco's philosophy from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: "If you're gonna shoot, shoot. Don't talk."

For a generally good time, I can't imagine action games getting much better than Rainbow Six: Vegas. It's easy to pick up and hard to put down.

Happy Easter! Signed, Your friend Mahmoud

Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (MMA) has agreed to "pardon" captured British soldiers and just in time for the Easter holiday! Well, how about that. FOX reports.

Ahmadinejad asked British Prime Minister Tony Blair not to "punish" the crew for confessing that they had been in Iranian waters when they were seized by Iranian coast guard. Iran broadcast videotapes of some of the crew giving confessions, infuriating Britain.
Aww, what a swell chap. It gets better:
Ahmadinejad said Iran was not seeking a "confrontation" when it intercepted the British, "but the deplorable conduct of the British government led to the prolonging of this incident."

He criticized Britain for deploying Leading Seaman Faye Turney, one of the 15 detainees, in the Gulf, pointing out that she is a woman with a child.

"How can you justify seeing a mother away from her home, her children? Why don't they respect family values in the West?" he asked of the British government.


Taking One on the Stiff Upper Lip?

Former soldier and current military analyst Frank Peters today questioned the actions of the British hostages in Iran, claiming the Brits "wimped out in a matter of days and acquiesced in propoganda broadcasts for their captors." Ouch.

Peters colorfully describes the situation:

What on earth happened to the Royal Marines? They're members of what passes for an elite unit. Has the Labor government's program to gut the U.K. military - grounding planes, taking ships out of service and deactivating army units - also ripped the courage from the breasts of those in uniform?

The female sailor who broke down first and begged for her government to surrender was pathetic enough. But when Royal Marines started pleading for tea and sympathy . . . Ma, say it ain't so!

Meanwhile, back at No. 10 "Downer" Street, British politicians are more upset that President Bush described their sailors and Marines as "hostages" than they are with the Iranians.

Okay, Lord Spanker and Lady Fanny - what exactly are those sailors and Marines? Package tourists?

Naturally, the European Union has praised Britain's "restraint." We've now got another synonym for cowardice.

I've always respected the Brits and quite liked those I worked with when in uniform . . . but I'm starting to wonder if I bought into a legend. While criticizing our military's approach to everything, the Brits made an utter balls of it in Basra - now they're bailing out, claiming "Mission accomplished!" (OK, they had a role model . . .) In Heaven, Winston Churchill's puking up premium scotch.